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Today I’ve got an awesome tech find for you. If I asked you how many deals you had in your pipeline and how much money was represented, would you know the answer or be able to get it quickly? Let’s be honest. Entrepreneurs are sticky-note, notepad, even napkin users when it come to note-taking. And while that can suit alright for brainstorming, it’s pretty ineffective for tracking sales(the lifeline of your business!)

Searching for notes across various mediums is poor time management, but it’s also frazzling and stressful. Not the mindset you want to be in when hitting the phones. To be organized, calm, prepared and closing sales consistently you need to always know who your prospects are, pending deals and their status and next required action.

So here’s what I have for you… Base.

This simple web and mobile app is all you need to manage contacts, the stages of leads/sales and the deal/project once it’s closed. With mobile apps for both iPhone and Android, you can access the above data anytime and when you’re at your desktop, everything is synced and ready to go. Everything about Base is simple and streamlined:

  • Manage Contacts
  • Manage Pipeline at a glance
  • Manage Deals
  • Dedicated Client Space (great for eliminating inbox scavenger hunt)

I’ll let you check out all the features yourself. Enjoy!


PS. Neither myself nor our company receives compensation for recommending Base.
By the way, they have a free plan.

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