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I get so excited when I get to see how my work impacts clients in real life, don’t you?

This past weekend, I had the privilege to hang out with Sandler Francois, of and his family.

Sandler came to us earlier this year after one of our webinars. His business had been impacted by Hurricane Sandy, and being the fighter and optimist he is, he saw an opportunity to start fresh and strong.

His website at the time was several years old, consisting of  html pages with no styling of the content. We worked together to rebrand his company, launching a professionally designed website that targets his ideal clients.

Now Sandler is excited to report a 30% increase in calls and a 25% increase in revenue in only the 1st quarter!

But this isn’t just about a profitable website. Sandler’s story goes deeper. Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Sandler used to spend most his time at the office. Between client work, management and learning about SEO, it seemed he always had to go in early and stay late.

But with the happiest grin on Saturday, Sandler gushed about being able to hire the right staff, his team understanding and being motivated by the new vision for the company and most importantly, that he now – without guilt – gets to be with his family.

That’s the kind of ROI I’m looking for ! How about you?

So I have to ask…

What would “living in the day” look like for you? What are you looking past your screen and out the window, yearning to do?

What do you believe it would take to get there?

I’m hosting a free video training next Thursday, July 25th at 8:30pm where I’d love to talk to you and help you take the steps to bring that power of choice and freedom into your life now, not just some day.

This isn’t just about websites or productivity.  We’ve never done a training quite like this and I’m looking forward to the diversity- so bring your best and toughest questions. 🙂

So here’s your homework:

Register now for the free Spreecast training event at:

Then comment below letting me know I’ll see you there and share what “living in the day” means to you.

I can’t wait to hear form you!


P.S. Mark your calendars right now, so you don’t forget. I mean it- get the big red sharpie out

P.P.S. Know someone who would really benefit from this training event? Guests are welcome, but please send them the registration link so they won’t miss any of the details.

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