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Sometimes I read over my last few posts to jog my brain and today I realized that in the last 3 posts I’ve being focusing on struggles. Now while this is necessary for any business as we are addressing our clients problem, I want to have a Victory Day.

So tell me what went right for you this week. I want to celebrate with you!

I’ll start–I finally found the right platform and set the date for my free training! Drum roll please…

Live In The Day: How to Run a Profitable Business AND Have Time for Who & What You Love

A lengthy title perhaps, but straight to the point. Included in this training:

  • I’ll show you the 2 things I did to get control of my schedule and never be frazzled over appointments or deadlines again
  • The exact tools I use to manage my personal schedule and company schedule, including projects
  • How to decide what to delegate and outsource
  • How each person in your family- that’s right, even the kids- can contribute to your family goals
  • You’ll have a chance to receive live coaching !

I really want to connect with you personally and to make this training accessible, I’ll be running it on Spreecast so we can talk face to face! Don’t you love technology?

Here’s the details:  I’ll be on air live at 8:30 PM on Thursday, July 25th. There’s no software to download; all you need is a Facebook, Twitter or email account to join in and view the show.

There’s a chat feature where we’ll be taking your questions and if you have a webcam you may have the opportunity to join me on air!

So here’s your homework:

Register now for the free Spreecast training event at:

Then comment below letting me know I’ll see you there and include your victory for the week.

I can’t wait to hear from you!


P.S. Mark your calendars right now, so you don’t forget

P.P.S. Know someone who would really benefit from this training event? Guests are welcome, but please send them the registration link so they won’t miss any of the details.

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