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It’s been 10 agonizingly long minutes at the Starbucks in Barnes & Noble. I finally booked the sitter, am out of the house and the ideas are no where to be found. Have you been there?

As a home based entrepreneur all the family freedom comes with a proverbial dark side. You get an idea and the kids burst into the room. Or like in my case today, you get a sitter and quiet space, only for productive thoughts to elude you.

Here’s the secret to recover the precious time and be productive: write a list…and type it somewhere into a cloud app (evernote, google docs, etc.) Now you have a running list of topics to reference when coffee shop inspiration is not happening.

I turn out to be lucky because I can tie in this experience to what I want to share you with today. I’ve been checking out Jon Acuff’s new book, Start and while reading his bio was reminded of my own job quitting spree years ago.

There’s never been a day I wanted to quit my business, but definitely days where I wanted to quit “positions” in my business. You know, the cook, baker, bottle washer …you didn’t leave a corporate environment to take on your dream plus 5 micro-roles. And some days you want to quit and just paint, write, research, whatever it is that you do.

I’m going to encourage you to quit.

Here’s how to your quit the extra jobs within your business: Can someone else perform this task?
If yes, Quit today and delegate it.
If no, Quit giving it only part of your effort. Delegate other responsibilities and zero in on the tasks that only you can do. This will usually be related to your voice, such as writing articles, connecting on social media and teaching.

Now treat your true position professionally. Be fully aware of your responsibilities and deadlines. Pay attention to how much or little you spend on working hours, don’t stay logged into Facebook and prepare for your work… Or you might find yourself in a coffee shop with paid babysitting and no work to show for it. 🙂


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