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7 Easy Website Tweaks To Get More Customers

Your website should be working for you, but if you’re not happy with your results, enjoy these developer-free tweaks that you can handle all on your own.

Change your domain name. Resist cute and go practical. Names that are too long or to rhyme-y get forgotten. If you are using something other than your company name, keep it concise, easy to spell and remember.

Add google analytics to your website and install google analytics plugin to your WordPress back-end. The monitoring tools will help you learn which posts are attracting the most visitors and what pages are converting. Tweak your website based on your data.

Add social sharing links and enable facebook comments. Social share links can expose your business to your ideal clients network, getting you in front of more of your target audience for FREE. Same applies to facebook comments because these will show up in newsfeeds. Not to mention it will increase your interaction.

Remove dead-links and under construction pages. Dead-links and 404 errors damaged your SEO rankings so do a monthly check on all pages and outbound links. SEO rankings take page content into consideration so skip the whole page with only “coming soon”. You don’t want potential buyers to think your business is incomplete either. BONUS TIP: If you’re goal is to let your market know about something you’re releasing soon, promote it in your blog and social media channels.

Add an Opt-In. The point of your site is to collect leads. Adding an opt-in is easier than you think, especially in WordPress. Email Campaign providers such as mailchimp, aweber and infusionsoft all offer easy drag and drop form builders with a link that you copy and paste in your side bar widgets in your WordPress back-end.

Install Yoast or another WordPress SEO plugin. A good SEO plugin will allow you to add a page title, keyword and meta description to your posts and pages without navigating to another page or needing to know any html. The cool bonus about Yoast is that is also has some built in metrics to let your SEO “grades”.

Update your copyright dates. This is often overlooked by business owners but because site information can often be found in footers, your website visitors might mistake your 2008 copyright to mean you aren’t updating the site or worse, are out of business.

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