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Last week on our facebook page we shared a powerful infographic we found on

The stats were staggering as we learned that 85% of consumers are searching online for their local businesses, but 63% of small businesses don’t have a website! That’s the same as turning off your store lights and thinking customers will still believe your open. Just plain silly. It also means that the smart 37% of small businesses with a website are snatching up your potential buyers.

So the challenge isn’t really how do small business owners find more customers; It’s how does a small business get found by customers. Use these three website tips to increase website sales.

  • Avoid DIY templates: No tool will turn a novice into an expert and your business’ credibility is hanging on the line.  It takes the average person 6 months to learn how to set up a WordPress site. Can you really afford half a year of losing those 85% of consumers looking for you?  Set a budget and invest in a professional web developer.
  • Interview Professional Web Designers & Developers: You wouldn’t hire an amateur to do your accounting so don’t try to cut corners on your website presence either. It’s important that the person or company you work with understands your business model and goals for your website. Be clear about this and don’t be shy about asking questions. Two important questions are: “Will I be charged for each revision? Will I have access to make your own edits? “
  • Online Branding: Creating an online presence for your business shouldn’t be starting from scratch. Your online branding should be the same as your offline store, office or yourself-if your a service professional. Any graphics you use offline can be translated online into your website design. This could include a logo, the same color scheme and any special fonts you may use on printed marketing materials. Consistency is the key to building credibility with your online shoppers.

Take the first step closer to 85% of your local shoppers NOW!


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