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Face it, The way we do business has changed! How do you mix timeless marketing principles with cutting edge technology and social shoppers?

Does your 2013 business marketing plan include increasing your business and fast?

Are you ready to stop just thinking about it, and start taking action?

Can you visualize all the people you are going to serve and bless through your business this year?

Yep, you can see it clearly, as if it is just in front of you.

That’s why we’re so excited to bring you an action-oriented plan to give you a jump-start and motivate you! Our new class PROFITfoundations launches in 24hr hours and is jam-packed with practical, customizable tools and strategies to increase your confidence, client and cash- in only 22 DAYS!

How so, you say?

Well, we put on our listening ears (pardon the phrase but you parents will get it) and heard you saying how:

  • you’re frustrated with dead-end sales conversations
  • you’ve downloaded every generic online marketing ebook and are exhausting yourself trying everything at once
  • you’re tired of ” feast or famine” and not knowing where or when the next client is coming
What do you do to really MAKE MONEY online?

It’s not for lack of effort. You are emailing your list. You’re dabbling in social media every weeks. A post to facebook. A link here and there. You’re networking and giving out your website address. But no bites.

There is a Step-by-Step process that we are calling PROFITfoundations and it’s based on some simple principles, including Know-Like-Trust. But before you brush this off as something you already know, allow me to reveal exactly what’s causing those negative results you’re experiencing.

Know: You have to know your potential client. Sales conversations dead end when you haven’t shown your buyer than you can meet their need. Listen to what your market is saying and sell on their needs, not on what you think they want.

Like: In addition to liking what you do, you have to like how you do it. While a principal can be applied generally, the actual application needs to be modified to your specific business needs and goals. If you aren’t comfortable with the marketing material you’re putting out, your shoppers won’t be either. Identify what your brand is about and operate consistently within those values and objectives.

Trust: Feast or Famine ends when you a)Trust in yourself and take massive action, putting in the effort so you can reap the profits. b) Position yourself as the expert, guiding and educating your leads with high value content and c) when you demonstrate you care about them by communicating in their language about what they care about

I couldn’t possibley squeeze anymore into this email so if you want the step-by-step action plan to increase confidence, clients and cash-in just 22 DAYS- you need to jump into PROFITfoundations NOW.

And we’ve made it a no brainer. For the next 6 hours ONLY we are having a FLASH SALE. You can get your seat and be on your way with:

  • Simple templates that translate to action
  • A system that takes the mystery out of marketing
  • Basic Branding that’s fresh and speaks to your ideal clients
  • Confidence that your online presence is attracting new clients 24/7

We’re even throwing in A Private Website Audit, our gift to get you moving forward from Day 1.

Will you be next to see success online? Let’s get started NOW!

This 22 Day Course will show you how having clear and concise description of the service/ product you offer and your unique point of view will increase your market’s confidence in you…and their eagerness to BUY.



P.S.  What do you have to lose? I know you’ve got butterflies in your stomach. But I also know you aren’t a tire-kicker, I know you’re serious about your business. Let me show you what the gurus are not revealing and why YOU, even a beginner or solo-preneur, can learn Marketing and Branding Strategies that convert!

P.P.S We have a proven track record. Here what our clients have to say:

“Before working with Erica I didn’t realize that a web designer could have the skills and the ability to look at your design request from a brand standpoint. Her questionnaire allowed her to get to know me, my voice and personality in order for that to come through to my site. She was easy to talk to because she didn’t use industry jargon to explain things to me and she didn’t get frustrated at my lack of knowledge in the area of web design. Her patience was a breath of fresh air and I always felt I learned something new every time we spoke!” – Twanna T.

“I thought we had a decent website before meeting Erica. Of course the only person who said that was me! Erica offered to evaluate what we had. As kind as she was, it was obvious there were several mistakes. Looking back, we understand the credibility that a ‘professional’ website brings was not there. Now we have clients going to our site, making comments on how sharp it is and with the knowledge that Erica brings, how efficient for the client it became. If you have doubts about your web, trust me, your clients have more. My advice is simple…let the experts do their thing. Allow Erica to help you with your web ‘image’ and this will pay you back more than you know.” – Craig Krause – Direct Development Training

“I had a horrible web site, no hits, no traffic and NO business from it. Erica and I spoke of what I needed in a website. She proposed a dynamic Word Press site. Well, she delivered exactly what my business needed and it was on time and on budget. Now I can make changes to my website effortlessly which saves me time and money. I switched to Erica/Profitgeeks, so should you!”- David Johansen, NE Rapid Edge

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